Tooth Eruption

As a trusted provider of children’s dentistry in Bothell and Lynnwood, WA, Alderwood Children’s Dentistry provides a wide range of kid-friendly dental treatments to help our young patients achieve and maintain good oral health. As specialists who care for your child’s teeth during the important development stages, we want the parents and caregivers of our patients to know it is very important to take good care of your children’s primary or baby teeth, even though they come out in a couple of years.

Timing of Tooth Eruption

Losing a baby tooth is an exciting part of childhood and a normal part of your child’s growth and development. But many parents have questions or concerns about the process of losing teeth and the eruption of new teeth. That’s why your Lynnwood and Bothell kids’ dentist is here to help!

Every child’s set of teeth erupt at different times. However, there are general age ranges in which teeth grow. Below is a list of a few milestones of erupting teeth that you can expect:

  • Age 6 to 8 months: Primary teeth grow and start coming in
  • Age 3 to 4 years: All 20 of the primary teeth are in place
  • Age 6 to 7 years: Secondary (permanent or adult) teeth grow and start coming in
  • Age 12 to 14: All the permanent teeth are in place

The last teeth to erupt are the 12-year molars (“second molars”) and the wisdom teeth (‘third molars”). The wisdom teeth often start coming in at around the age of 17 and typically need to be removed due to a lack of space for the teeth to fully erupt.

Types of Teeth

All teeth vary in size, shape, and location in the jaw. Teeth are important for chewing food and for speaking clearly, and of course for showing off your amazing smile! Below is a list of the names of the permanent teeth.

  • Front teeth: Incisors
  • Sharp, “fang-like” teeth: Canines
  • Teeth located next to the canines: Premolars or Bicuspids
  • Back teeth: Molars   

Contact Your Bothell Kids’ Dentist

Dr. Clint Worton and his team at Alderwood Children’s Dentistry are proud to provide exceptional and comfortable children’s dentistry services to kids of all ages in our fun and nurturing environment. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s erupting teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we’re always more than happy to help!