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As your premier choice for a kids dentist in Lynnwood and Bothell, we at Alderwood Children’s Dentistry want to do all we can to put your child on the path toward a lifelong, healthy smile. Our office is centered around the concept of providing your child with a nurturing atmosphere where he or she will enjoy visiting us for years to come. Not only do we offer a cheerful environment, but our team is capable of supplying a comprehensive selection of effective pediatric dentistry services. We hope you’ll come visit us and see how we can help!

Our Lynnwood Pediatric Dentistry Services

Because we place such a strong focus on your child’s dental health, we want to be able to offer a service or treatment for any of your child’s dental needs. Some of the Lynnwood pediatric dentistry services that we provide in our office include:

Dental Exams – During our dental exams, we’ll check your child’s teeth to make sure that there aren’t any severe dental or oral problems.
Teeth Cleanings – Our teeth cleanings can help remove plaque and maintain good oral hygiene for your child.
Fillings – To help treat a tooth that’s decayed or damaged, we can repair it with a filling.
Pulp Therapy – If the nerve of a child’s baby tooth is damaged, we can perform pulp therapy to save it.
Tooth Extractions – If a tooth is beyond saving or it’s impeding the progress of a permanent tooth, we can perform a tooth extraction.
Fluoride Treatment – Fluoride is highly beneficial as it strengthens teeth. While fluoride is present in many sources, we can apply additional fluoride if we believe that your child isn’t getting enough.
 Oral Trauma Treatment – If your child suffers from any oral trauma, we’ll be able to provide our dental services to treat the area of injury.

If your child is fearful of receiving his or her needed dental care, our office is able to provide sedation dentistry and other age-appropriate behavior management techniques. Your Lynnwood kids dentist will be glad to work with you to determine whether this is a viable option for your child.

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If you have any further questions about our pediatric dentistry in Lynnwood, feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for your child, we invite you to give us a call at (425) 775-5411. We’re looking forward to setting your child on the path toward a healthier smile!