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The Transition From Baby Teeth To Permanent Teeth
Posted on 12/18/2017

The Transition From Baby Teeth To Permanent Teeth

Tooth-FairyDeveloping Teeth in Children

The first time your child loses a tooth is an exciting moment! They will love playing with the newfound space in their mouth as well as a visit from the Tooth Fairy. It is important that your child is familiar with the dentist before he/she loses their first tooth. We recommend their first visit be by the time of his/her first birthday. Between the ages of 6 and 12, children will lose their primary teeth and gain their permanent teeth. We call this period of time "mixed dentition," because they will have baby teeth and adult teeth at the same time with many gaps in the meantime!

The process is painless, but some children feel uncomfortable with such large spaces between their teeth. Let them know their permanent teeth will sprout up in no time! Teeth form under the gum before emerging through the gum and settling in their space. The visible part of the tooth, known as the crown, is the first part of the tooth to form. This developing tooth is called a "tooth bud," because it occurs before the roots form.

What To Expect When Your Child's Teeth are Developing


Losing baby teeth is seen as a rite of passage to some people! Children see it as though they are growing up and becoming adults with their "adult teeth." 32 permanent teeth will replace their 20 primary teeth. The primary teeth are smaller, flatter, and are naturally whiter than adult teeth.

You can expect the lower two front teeth and the upper/lower molars to emerge first. Be careful not to force a tooth to come out too early, as they will naturally come loose and fall out when the permanent teeth are formed. Teeth will fall out in a various order, but it is important to be aware of symmetry. The same teeth should come in at about the same time on both sides. If you have any concerns about a shortage of room in the mouth or crooked teeth, come see Dr. Worton.

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