Summer Smiles

It’s Time For Summer Smiles At Your Children’s Dentistry
Posted on 08/13/2019

It’s Time For Summer Smiles At Your Children’s Dentistry

Summertime is meant for pool parties, vacations, and reading a book under a big oak tree. But while you’re kids are enjoying their summer away from school, they also have more time to be able to ensure their positive oral health and sport a beautiful, new summer smile. And that means Lynwood and Edmonds, WA, area kids should take a break from the pool for a check-up with their local Alderwood Children’s Dentistry. Your local dentist offers a wide range of pediatric dental treatments to keep your child’s mouth healthy. But it starts with regular check-ups. There’s a reason that you have that appointment every six months, and that is because it is one of the most effective and essential tools in a dentist’s arsenal for keeping your smile as healthy as it can be. Dr. Clint Worton and his team want you to know how important your regular six-month checkups are for your children by outlining these advantages.

Two BIG Reasons To See Your Lynwood Dentist This Summer

Don’t put off your child’s 6-month check-up this summer. Having your child’s teeth examined and cleaned regularly is imperative not only for a healthy mouth but for a healthy body as well. Here are the two top reasons your child should have regular dental exams:

  1. Dental Cleanings Clear Away Plaque & Tartar

    As food particles and bacteria build up on your teeth and gums they can eventually transform into plaque and tartar, which contribute to tooth decay. Unfortunately, brushing and flossing at home isn’t enough to get rid of all the plaque and tartar, which is why a deeper cleaning at the dentist is necessary to prevent your teeth from rotting or the development of gum disease. And if you have excessive plaque and tartar buildup from missing previous check-ups, the dental hygienist at Alderwood Children’s Dentistry can clear away all the plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth using special tools in a process called “scaling.”

  2. Checking For Gum Disease, Tooth Decay, & Other Diseases

    In their early stages, conditions like gingivitis or minor tooth decay can be easily treated with simple procedures such a removing plaque or placing a dental filling. However, if these conditions aren’t treated, they can become much more dangerous and threatening to your oral health. Gingivitis quickly turns into gum disease, which can lead to oral infections or tooth loss. Tooth decay can rapidly engulf an entire tooth, requiring more severe and costly treatment such as root canal. The health of your teeth and gums could also show the early signs of oral cancer.

    When you visit your Lynwood dentist for your check-up appointment, they will be searching for all the early warning signs for these conditions and start planning for preventative treatment if necessary. If you don’t go to your check-up, there’s no way Dr. Worton will be able to identify and treat these issue before they become much worse and much more difficult to fix.

Schedule Your Child’s Check-up With Dr. Clint Worton Today!

Dr. Worton is excited to keep your child’s oral health on the right path this summer. He serves the families of Lakewood, Edmonds and the surrounding Washington areas. Don’t delay in making your appointment with Alderwood Children’s Dentistry today by calling (425) 775-5411 or using our online appointment schedule form. We look forward to hearing about your summer adventures while maintaining that beautiful summer smile, so call today!