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Striving for Better Smiles Today
Posted on 07/03/2015

Striving for Better Smiles Today

Brushing teeth with dadIt’s never too early to encourage great dental health! At Alderwood Children’s Dentistry, we not only strive to help kids achieve exemplary tooth and oral health, we take pride in nurturing a lifelong, independent enthusiasm for them to aspire to the same!

The first step of this mission resides with a child’s guardians. If boys and girls are to one day claim their “Dental Destinies of Greatness,” it is important that they become familiar and comfortable with the dentist early on.

Good Habits at Home 

Ergo, parents should talk positively about the dentist – make appointments something to look forward to sans the traditional stigma of anxiety that accompanies such a trip in the minds of many young children.

Equally important is the practice of instilling your child with good dental practices and behavior at home. To begin with, this involves using toothpaste with fluoride. Fluoride strengthens enamel and thereby reduces the risk of decay. So, utilizing toothpaste as well as mouthwash that has fluoride in it can be a great first defensive of dental care. 

The next step is to remind your kids to always brush twice a day and floss daily. While toothbrushes clean the tops and outer surfaces of teeth and gums, flossing is what gets to the tight spaces between the teeth that may have leftover food particles and plaque. It’s a team effort between the two, and people need both tools in order to attain the greatest dental and oral health possible. 

A Well-Balanced Diet

Finally, eat smart and avoid sugary foods. In addition to growing big and strong, the benefits of a well-balanced diet also come in terms of providing teeth and gums with the right nutrients. Meanwhile, sugary foods produce acid in the mouth that can erode tooth enamel. So, proceed with care and caution.

The final step in ensuring healthy smiles that last a lifetime is two-fold. On the one hand, our skilled, compassionate team at Alderwood Children’s Dentistry will care for patients at every turn – always making visits to our Lynnwood dental office enjoyable and worthwhile. And on the other hand, our team will encourage patients to become independently excited about taking care of their teeth. They will encourage this through small strides; such as having kids pick out their own toothbrushes, select their own favorite flavors of mouthwash, and take general pride in their healthy, clean smiles. 

At Alderwood Children’s Dentistry, every child has the potential to achieve exemplary dental health, and a beautiful smile. Moreover, our team in Lynnwood encourages each and every one of them to get excited about these fates, and take them into their own hands. To have your child begin this journey with us, call our office and book an appointment today!