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How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Dental Visit
Posted on 02/24/2017

How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Child Dental Patient

As a Lynnwood and Bothell children’s dentistry practice that wants all our patients to enjoy the many benefits that come with having healthy teeth and gums, the team at Alderwood Children’s Dentistrywants your child to have a pleasant and stress-free time when visiting our office! Below are a few suggestions for making your child’s first dental visit a positive one.

Preparing To Visit Our Lynnwood Kids’ Dentist Office

Start Dental Visits Early

We recommend bringing your child in for their first dental visit near their first birthday and no later than 18 months. This first visitwith the pediatric dentist will help your child get used to the dental office environment and staff and will help your child avoid common dental problems facing kids, like tooth decay.

Choose a Good Appointment Time

It is best to choose an appointment time when your child is typically well-rested and alert. We suggest that the last meal your child eats is about 2 hours prior to the dental visit. This will help ensure your child is feeling his/her best. Plus it’s important to set a meal and snack schedule so your child is not snacking frequently throughout the day.

Set a Good Example

As parents, you have the greatest influence over how your child views the dentist. If you show anxiety or fear over going to the dentist, your child is apt to do the same. Speak about your child’s first dental visit as a positive experience that involves the dentist and staff helping your child keep his or her smile attractive and healthy.

Encourage Your Child to Ask Questions

When talking to your child about their visit with us at Alderwood Children’s Dentistry, stress the fact that the dentist is a friend who wants to help keep your child’s teeth healthy. Encourage your child to ask questions and be sure to answer them in a positive way. Our pediatric dentist and his teamwill always be there to answer your and your child’s questions in a way that’s friendly, respectful, and informative.

Avoid Using Negative Words

To ensure your child is not frightened to visit the dentist, never use negative words like “shot”, “needle” or “pain” when talking about dental visits. Try to avoid allowing your child to listen to stories from friends and family about negative dental experiences. This way, your child can form their own opinions about what it means to visit a dentist regularly. It can be helpful to read stories to your child about characters who have positive and fun dental visits.

Give Your Child Some Control

To help ensure your child feels secure and safe about his/her trip to the dentist, let your child make some decisions about the visit, like what clothes they want to wear or what questions they’d like to ask the dentist.

Have Your Questions Ready

It is a good idea to jot down a few questions you’d like to ask your child’s dentist about topics like oral hygiene, diet and snacking, tooth development, injury protection and fluoride use.

Book Your Child’s First Appointment At Our Bothell Area Office

Without a doubt, a positive attitude can create a positive experience for your child during every visit to our Lynnwood dental office! If you need some more tips for making sure your child has a positive dental experience, please feel free tocontact usas we’re always glad to help! Once your child establishes trust with Dr. Clint, our caring pediatric dentist, each visit will be something he or she looks forward to. At our practice, we love working with children and we’re confident it shows in everything we do!