How Nail Biting Effects Your Child’s Teeth

How Nail Biting Effects Your Child’s Teeth
Posted on 07/27/2018
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Nail biting is a bad habit that unfortunately, many of us have fallen into. Frequently, this habit begins in childhood as kids are exposed to the feeling of stress. Our children’s dentist here at Alderwood Children’s Dentistry wants you to be in informed about the impact that nail biting has on teeth and why this information is important for your child’s oral health. 

Dental Effects of Nail Biting

Nail biting causes stress on the teeth, which could lead to cracking, chipping, or wearing down the front teeth. If your child wears braces, nail biting is even more dangerous because it puts him/her at greater risk for root resorption, tooth loss, and other serious dental issues due to an excess amount of pressure on his/her teeth. Other negative dental outcomes of nail biting include gum tissue damage from the sharp edges of the fingernails as well as bacteria carried on and under the nails coming into the mouth. Nail biting can also cause extreme tooth sensitivity from wear down tooth enamel, flatten the bottom of the teeth, and more. 

Why Is My Child Biting His/Her Nails?

Nail biting has traditionally been viewed as a habit caused by stress. While this is true, dental experts have also discovered that nail biting can be a result of boredom, perfectionism, anxiety, and simply observing others biting their nails. Habits formed in childhood can be much more difficult to break than those formed later in life. Our Alderwood Children’s Dentistry dentists encourage parents to break this habit in their children before it becomes even more difficult. If you or another family member has a habit of nail biting, we recommend that you (or other family members) try to break this habit too. As important as it is for children’s dental health to put a stop to nail biting, it’s just as important for anyone to overcome this habit.

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