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Children’s Dental Tips for Halloween
Posted on 10/19/2016

Children’s Dental Tips for Halloween

Halloween is coming, and while that may be exciting for kids, it can be a dangerous holiday for teeth. As your kids’ dentist in the Lynnwood and Bothell areas, Dr. Clint warns that while the candy and sweets that kids love to enjoy on Halloween are tasty and delicious, they also pose a threat to the health of tooth enamel. The sugars present in candy interact with bacteria in the mouth to create harsh acids that eat away at tooth enamel, eventually leading to tooth decay and cavities. However, there are things you can do to help protect your child's teeth as they happily haunt on Halloween.

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Tips for a Tooth-Friendly Halloween

  • Cleanse Your Candy: When it comes to teeth, not all candy is created equal. Hard candies that stay in the mouth for a long time increase the risk of tooth damage, as do gooey candies that stick to teeth long after eating. Avoid these kinds of candies for a healthier, tooth-friendly Halloween.

  • Avoid Sugary Drinks: Combining candy with soda makes for a terrifying combo, as the sugars in soda can damage teeth even more. Instead, stick to water - and drink fluoridated water whenever possible.

  • Time the Eating: Believe it or not, eating candy right after a meal can help minimize the negative impact. Saliva production ramps up during and after a meal, and this extra saliva can help wash away sugars and clean teeth.

  • Go All at Once: For dental health, it's better to have one binging session than fewer candies over a longer period of time. One strategy is to have your child eat their candy for one night, then get rid of what's left over – it may be quite a binge, but it'll probably be better for their teeth in the long run.

  • Brush & Floss Thoroughly: No matter what happens on Halloween night, the most important thing is to brush and floss teeth thoroughly, and the sooner your child brushes after eating candy, the better for his/her teeth.

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